Adjustable Self-Heating Magnetic Therapy Ankle Pad

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Are you suffering from ankle pains? Try to use this self-heating therapy ankle pad with tourmaline and magnets. The pad can warm up and increase your blood flow which helps to relax muscles, dramatically relieve the ankle pains and reduces fatigue for daily care and recovery.  It is a perfect gift for dad, mom or anyone with the health problems.

It is suitable for:
1. People who is suffering from ankle pains, need keeping warm and recovery.
2. People who always work for long hours in a standing or use feet too much.
3. Athletes or people doing regular exercise.

There are 3 pad selections (Left and Right Pair, Left only, Right only) for your preference. Please select your pad type and quantity to add to cart.

Pad Color: Black
Pad Material: Self-adhesive cloth
Pad Dimensions: Adjustable (on picture)  

For better results, wet the spontaneous heating area by soft wet cloth first, then fix it on the afflicted body area directly. Heat feeling will comes normally after 15-30 minutes. According to your body condition and feeling to decide the length of magnetotherapy time.